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My name is Ștefan Codrin Cazacu and I am from Bacău. I graduated from “Gheorghe Vrănceanu” National College and I was accepted to study psychology at University of Manchester.

My interest in psychology started in gymnasium. Being an introverted child, I used to observe uncomfortable situations without intervening. I remember when a teacher became aggressive after accusing a colleague of not learning the lesson. As soon as the class was over, I wanted to make sure my friend was fine and that we would contact his parents about this abuse.

Although my family's situation radically changed due to my parents' divorce, this event strengthened my desire to understand people. Living with my mother and sister, I had the moral support to explore my feelings. From this point of view, my mother, being a school counselor, became a role model for me. She helped me understand how to teach my friends to convey what I feel. Despite her busy schedule, she always took the time to listen to my friends' family problems for a few hours and offered advice that supported their emotional health. My mother taught us to write in a diary what we were thinking about in different tense situations. After that, she was explaining us how we should act based on what bothers us, in order to be able to remedy the situation in the most correct way.

When I got to high school I joined the A.C.T. Bacău and the organising team of the theater festival I.D. Fest. Participating in festivals with wonderful people made me understand that the impact that interpersonal relationships have on people is huge. At the last festival we participated in a workshop where we all shared the highlights of our lives. Realising that we had similar difficulties in the family, we were more willing to support ourselves in all aspects of life. This experience led to the confirmation of my desire to build a career in psychology.

The chance to study at University Of Manchester allows me to take my dream to the next level. However, starting my adventure requires a sum of money that exceeds my possibilities by far. I initially thought I could cover the costs of rent, transportation and food through various summer jobs, such as a dishwasher at a restaurant and bike delivery at FoodPanda. At the end of the summer, however, I realised that it was impossible to raise the necessary amount. My mother's financial support would cover only part of the food costs. I will work part-time when I arrive in Manchester, but it will not be enough to pay the rent in full. Given my current situation, I need your help!

Thank you for your support!

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