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My name is Ioana Podăriță, I am 18 years old and I am a graduate of the Tudor Vladimirescu National College from Târgu Jiu with a general average of 9.76. But what is part of my essence is that I am an actress and I like to build worlds. Ever since I was little, my constant stress, which appeared in grades 1-4 because of a teacher who put a lot of pressure on me, could only be alleviated by the movies I was losing myself in. Back then I thought the characters were building these fictional worlds. In the meantime, I've learned that actors are my real heroes, and that I can, in my own way, become a hero to other people, building worlds in which they get lost when real life gets too hard.

Being diagnosed with anxiety disorder, stress comes and goes for no reason, and the only temporary remedy for me is acting. When I play, I feel like I am breathing and I use my emotions in a constructive way, on stage or on the set, where enthusiasm, fear, joy give birth to the characters and reach out to the audience.

I discovered acting at the age of 14, by chance, when I went to a class with a friend. It was fascinating to discover that there is a space where I can be completely myslef, make mistakes and learn in such a loving environment. We rehearsed at the County Museum, and among those paintings and sculptures, we gave birth to characters who became part of me. I learned and grew up with the women I played and I owe them everything. Embracing their weaknesses, I learned to accept mine.

The first role I played at the age of 15 was Antigone, one of the most powerful female characters in universal literature. My devotion to feminism is due to her. At that age I was still shy, but Antigone, becoming part of me, gave me a little of her courage. In the following years I played various other characters, just as complex, including a princess (Lia - the original play Basmmm), a teenager in love (the video Don't Forget About Her) and a war assistant (the feature film Heroes from the Jiu Bridge directed by Sergiu Prodan), but Antigone remained the strongest female influence.

In August I will start classes at Whittier College (California, USA), from which I have already received 3 scholarships with a total value of $ 36,000. I chose the major Drama and Performing Arts. I also received acceptance offers from 6 other US universities.

I want to achieve performance in this field, which is why I chose Whittier College, for their acting classes and activities in the heart of Los Angeles. The scholarships received, however, cover only part of the costs, the remaining $ 30,000 (accommodation - $ 8,216, meals - $ 6,512, transportation - approx. $ 1,000, health insurance - $ 2,190, part of tuition - $ 13,000) having to be covered by my family and me (through campus jobs). I am asking for your help because these costs are very high for my parents, our only source of income being their salaries. I want to take at least part of this financial burden from my parents, who have been with me throughout this journey and who have always worked hard so that I can learn and become a strong woman, studying at one of the best liberal arts universities in the United States.

Sanford Meisner said that it takes 20 years to become an actor. I am asking you for a few minutes to help me continue this journey. Thank you!

Thank you!