With an impressive professional experience, Loredana considers that being a mother of two represents her the most, especially as one of her children is a highly gifted one.

“Being the mom of a gifted child, I realised that there is no general prescription for my children’s education, because every child is unique. Education for me and my family means seeing the uniqueness of every child, giving them access to personalised education and helping each of them realising their full potential.

In the dynamic context of our society, our promise, as parents, is to raise self-confident, emotionally and socially developed children, connected with themselves and with the surroundings, nature lovers, involved in the community, lifelong learners.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said: “What others think of you is not your problem. One of the highest points you can get to is to become independent of other people's views." - and that's what I teach my children every day!