Madalina feels fulfilled now when, 16 years after the establishment of the first Butterfly kindergarten, she managed to bring innovation in Romanian education through the EduBox project.

EduBoxA former performance athlete, she felt the need to complete the education obtained in childhood and adolescence in an atypical way (education achieved through strenuous training, long camps away from family and competitions) taking adult courses at Cambridge University. There she discovered what quality education really means, she found teachers interested not only in what she read, in what information she assimilated, but in what she really thinks.

Madalina supports the combination of formal, informal and non-formal in education and strongly believes in the need for lifelong learning.

"I find it fascinating to have the power to create a positive impression on the whole life of a child or student. A simple gesture can change a life. I really want all children to find people in their way to support and guide them with love. Adoptăm Studenți does this and I am proud to be with this wonderful project!”