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Alexa Dinu

Alexa Dinu


I am Alexa Dinu and 3 months ago I started studying Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam.

Alexa Dinu | Adoptăm Studenți

I would like to start with a sincere thank you for your help. I cannot express in words how much I appreciate the contribution you have made in this complicated process of moving my studies and life to a country as beautiful as the Netherlands.

Life in Amsterdam is much more beautiful than I expected. The education system is amazing and the program I am pursuing is as good for me as I would have ever imagined. It is a lot of work and a lot to learn, but I love what I study. I study in college, but I also study outside of it. I met wonderful people from many countries and continents, from whom I learned so much new about diverse cultures, especially about Dutch traditions and customs.

I want you to receive my most sincere thanks for helping me to take the first steps towards fulfilling my dream.

A video from Alexa can be seen here:

Her story may be viewed here.