We are glad that the platform Adoptăm Studenți (We adopt students) can be with you to access education according to your potential!

To participate in the crowdfunding process, students must agree to go through the following steps:

  • To agree that their data is published on the platform and communicated on social media networks in order to promote their cause, the results of campaigns and their results obtained through funding.
  • To send all the information required to create a profile on the platform: text, photo and video to convey their story (according to the requirements received from the Adoptăm Studenți platform).
  • To prove the receipt of the acceptance offer from the desired university (even conditioned by the final grade from the Baccalaureate).
  • To provide an estimated cost of their education for the first year of study, specifying what it represents (tuition fee, rental costs, transportation, etc.).
  • To use the funds obtained exclusively for the stated purpose and to prove the expenses at the request of the donors or of the Adoptăm Studenți representatives.
  • To provide contacts (at the possible request of donors or platform representatives) of teachers / institutions that can validate their profile.
  • To accept the processing of personal data according to law 129/2018 and of the privacy terms of the platform.
  • Because we want to encourage the “pay it forward” attitude, we recommend that students volunteer to help other students apply to universities and create a profile on the platform.
  • To send a text and a video to donors every three months to mention the things they have learned and how the experience of studying abroad helps them to take steps towards their dream.
  • To sign a collaboration contract with the Adoptamstudenti.ro platform by which they give their consent for the clauses mentioned above and a sponsorship contract when they receive the money necessary for their studies.

For more information, please contact us at contact@adoptamstudenti.ro.

Thank you!

The team at adoptamstudenti.ro