(which means We adopt students) (which means Adopt a student) is the crowdfunding platform* through which we help students obtain funding to continue their education to their full potential. We also intend to facilitate the creation of a connection between donors and students. Donors can choose the profile of the student they support and actively engage in their education process, both through the possibility of recurring payments and through constant communication, transforming a transactional donation into an inter-human connection, as a process of "educational adoption".

* collective fundraising, from several natural and / or legal persons, each participating with different amounts, to support a joint project


We started this idea out of the desire to offer a financing solution to Romanian students who want and have the potential to study at universities abroad, but cannot support themselves financially. We encourage them to focus their efforts in the direction of becoming better in what they are passionate about and get collective support from people who believe in the power of education.


In order to have a better world, a better country, a better community, we need to become a better version of ourselves. Then we need to give something back to the community by passing our values.


We are a team of members and volunteers brought together by the desire to create a positive impact in society. We passionately devote time to our ongoing education and we encourage and support young people in their various educational approaches.

The members of our team

Alexandra Roxana Popa | Adoptăm Studenți

Alexandra Roxana Popa

Alexandra is an entrepreneur, start-up mentor and coach, with over 15 years experience in retail, e-commerce and education. Apart from the entrepreneurial experience, Alexandra also worked for Amazon UK in London and graduated from INSEAD Business School, an MBA program in France and Singapore. She returned to Romania to continue the entrepreneurial endeavors and educational initiatives in which she is involved as a mentor, co-founder or volunteer. Her vision is that the whole world becomes better when each of us become a better version of ourselves, both personally and professionally.

Ciprian Ploștinar | Adoptăm Studenți

Ciprian Ploștinar

Ciprian has a PhD at Oxford, where he studied the physics of particles. He is currently senior scientist in European Spallation Source, helping to build the world's most powerful particle accelerator. He is involved in numerous educational and scientific projects, both in Romania and UK, with the aim of inspiring and creating opportunities for young people. He is the co-founder of the summer school Oxford for Romania.

Alma Iatan | Adoptăm Studenți

Alma Iatan

Alma works in technology and helps companies grow by supporting them in decision making based on best data analysis. Her vision is that when companies innovate, they should first of all have the people in mind. Alma also worked in corporate banking in London and Hong Kong and finished an MBA at INSEAD Business School. Shee is passionate about education and she is Programme Co-leader at Oxford Summer School.

Corina Pârvu | Adoptăm Studenți

Corina Pârvu

Corina is a teacher with twenty years of experience in both public and private education. She supports quality education both as a teacher and as a parent. She believes that encouraging and supporting children to continue their studies at prestigious universities around the world is an extra opportunity for both students and society. "A society that invests in the education of young people, invests in the future."
Ion Stoica | Adoptăm Studenți

Ion Stoica

Ion works in the IT industry, helping companies improve their information flows and operational processes. With extensive experience in management, working for companies in Bucharest and Doha, Ion knows that it is particularly important to share personal experience, helping others to progress. Being himself a graduate of a British university, Ion considers it is very important that those who have a chance to study at top educational institutions in the world are encouraged and supported to follow the best path for their personal evolution.

Ambassadors of Adoptăm Studenți project

Loredana Ifrim | Adoptăm Studenți

Loredana Ifrim

With an impressive professional experience, Loredana considers that being a mother of two represents her the most, especially as one of her children is a highly gifted one. "Being...More

Mădălina Ion | Adoptăm Studenți

Mădălina Ion

Madalina feels fulfilled now when, 16 years after the establishment of the first Butterfly kindergarten, she managed to bring innovation in Romanian education through the EduBox project. A former performance athlete...More

Elena Mustățea | Adoptăm Studenți

Elena Mustățea

Elena has an impressive career, with experience as an investor in global startups, investment banker in London and strategy consultant in Dubai, and now considers that she has found...More

Ștefan Adrian Boronea | Adoptăm Studenți

Ștefan Adrian Boronea

Education was my only option to follow a non-linear trajectory in my career and implicitly to decide my own path. The Dutch education system, oriented towards collaboration…More

Mihai Cucuringu | Adoptăm Studenți

Mihai Cucuringu

Mihai graduated from Gh. M. Murgoci High School in Brăila in 2003. He then graduated from Hiram College, Ohio, with specialisations in mathematics, computer science and economics. In 2012 he completed his PhD....More