Adoptăm Studenți is the first crowdfunding platform in Romania that supports exceptional students to raise funds to study at top universities in the world.

We encourage quality education

We support students to apply to prestigious universities, where they can manifest their intellectual potential, guide them in the fundraising process and prepare them to tell their story in accordance with their values.

We have the right experience

The members and volunteers of our team are people who have studied, are studying or teach at universities abroad and who support students in their process.

We create connections between stories

All students are talented, but donors can choose which one to support depending on their profile, interests or the story they resonate with.

We generate change

Students who succeed to receive funding are encouraged to provide active involvement in the community in return, by sharing their experiences and teachings, both from the funding process and from student life at the desired university.

We are in the process of selecting the next students we will support.

In the meantime, you can see the successfully completed campaigns in the section below and you can donate to support the project here, so that our wings can grow and we can help even more students.

Thank you!

Successfully completed campaigns

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