Georgiana Strugariu - A story about determination and modesty

Coming from Suceava, Georgiana Strugariu is a young woman with serene eyes and big dreams. From an early age, she proved to be a fighter, overcoming all the obstacles that life put in her way. The dream of becoming an architect motivated her and guided her every step. Arriving on her own, Georgiana worked both in Switzerland and in Romania in the last two summers before taking the baccalaureate exam in order to cover the costs necessary to prepare for college.

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How to plan your fundraising process

We know this is probably the first time when you are involved in a fundraising process. Especially as its direct beneficiary. And we also know that it is difficult for you to efficiently organise your time and actions. It is a difficult and important time in your life, and the decisions you make now and the actions you take can be decisive for your future.

To help you, we have prepared a strategy for planning the fundraising process, the necessary steps and their order. Guided by these steps, it will be easier for you to organise your time and check if you have gone through all the necessary steps.

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Some tips for fundraising

Now, at the end of high school, everything seems to change - you break up with the colleagues you lived with for so many years, you have to go to college and the weight of the words "adult" and "responsibility" begins to press on you.

In addition, you are in the situation of organising fundraising and you do not know exactly what and how to do it. We are with you in this process, and in the article below you have some tips to guide your steps:

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How you write your story

Some tips for your presentation

We know that the air of youth has gathered many plans in your soul and this is a time to take steps to turn them into reality. We have gathered for you successful texts and informed advice so that the writing of your story is easy, and in the end we can enjoy together its coherence and relevance. Our advice is that the length of the text should be around 200-250

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