• Ștefan Cazacu

      Ștefan Cazacu

      Ștefan is from Bacău and was accepted to study psychology at University of Manchester after graduating from “Gheorghe Vrănceanu” National College.
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    • Damian Stan

      Damian is a sophomore at University of Aberdeen, one of the best universities in Scotland, where he is studying Biochemistry.
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    • Tania Constantin

      Tania is from Buzau, is passionate about psychology and will go to study at University of Birmingham.
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    • Georgiana Strugariu

      Georgiana Strugariu

      Georgiana is passionate about architecture and was accepted to study at UCL, The Bartlett School of Architecture in London, UK.
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    • Luca Onică

      Luca is passionate about political science and was accepted to study in Germany, at Jacobs University Bremen, in the program of International Politics and History.
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    • Oliviu Hetea

      Oliviu Hetea

      Oliviu is passionate about geography and, after obtaining a grade of 9.53 at the Baccalaureate Exam, he was accepted at University of Manchester.
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