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Hello everyone!

I'm Alexa Dinu, I graduated from the “Gheorghe Lazăr” National College in Bucharest in 2020 and I am going to study Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam.

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say: art, coffee and chaos. I spent my high school years flying from one field to another - business, medicine, law, PR. I have done countless courses and workshops in these areas of specialisation, but this has created a mess in my life. The only things that managed to keep me on my feet were dancing, the desire to find my place in the world and coffee. The weekly modern dance classes, the training sessions for the competitions and the band I coordinated in the performing arts were a way to escape this chaos.

I had two dark periods in my life that made the process of choosing the field in which I want to work much harder.

The first of them was in 2017, at the age of 15, when my parents divorced. Initially I found a refuge in choreographic and literary art. I created moments of theatrical dance with the band I coordinated, and in particular I started writing a novel. Thus, art offered me a way of expressing feelings that I could not express otherwise and I finally realised that this was the field in which I wanted to work. However, the people around me encouraged a specialisation that would "put food on my table", so I chose to study Marketing, thinking that in time I could promote art if I could not be the one who created it.

The second of them, during the pandemic period of April 2020, 2 months before the baccalaureate exam, I was rejected from 14 Marketing programs in the USA. Although my file was very good, it was not enough to obtain a scholarship to cover the costs of an American education. The faculties I applied to were, unfortunately, need-aware, which means that the amount I could have contributed was a factor in the decision to be accepted or not.

All these circumstances pushed me to depression. That's why I didn't have the motivation or time to find another faculty abroad, so I decided to apply to the Marketing program at the University of Bucharest one hour before the deadline. Even though it was not my original plan, this program turned out to be exactly what I needed, because it made me realise that the economic field will never bring me happiness.

I realised that I had reached this point because I had listened to people around me who told me that money was more important than my passion for art. That's why I fought for my dream of a career in art. I looked for the right faculty for what I wanted to do, I went through the painstaking process of applying on my own and I managed to be accepted into the best Media Studies program in the world where I will study film and culture.

So it all came back to art. Coffee has remained a constant, but I hope we have left chaos in the past. Maybe this time it will be at least organised chaos.

Although the Netherlands is a much more affordable country compared to the United States, my family cannot fully afford the cost of living in Amsterdam. To raise the amount of € 500 per month for the costs of accommodation, food and transport, we need your support. I want to study film in one of the cultural capitals of the world and grow into one of the greatest directors specialising in book adaptations, to combine my favorite forms of art. But this time I know I can't do this without your help.

Thank you!