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My name is Andrei Mititelu, I am from Brașov and I graduated from the “Unirea” National College. From this autumn I will study at Rotterdam Business School, in the Netherlands, when I will reach the base of the gigantic mountain represented by the world of international entrepreneurship.

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by the idea of a business, especially since I grew up seeing my father start a small carpentry workshop right in our living room. Most of all, I liked to see how an idea materialised into a finished product, a sketch turned into a closet and the customers were satisfied. Most of the time I was with him in all stages of this transformation, which taught me how a micro-business works and what are the details that make the difference.

At the age of 6 I started practicing performance sports dance, which shaped me and taught me what discipline, resilience, perseverance means and to look at the failure represented by poor results as an integral part of the learning process. I understood from an early age that my parents made financial efforts to support my passion, so I tried to earn my first money in high school by buying sweets that I then sold in the school yard. I continued to look for financial independence in high school, and since I was 15 I worked as an educational animator every holiday, at children's parties. Last summer I had my first full-time job at a car detailing service, where I learned to offer the same quality of service to each customer every time, as if it were my car. This habit determined me to choose a faculty abroad, in order to be able to bring the superior quality of the international experience back within Romania's borders.

The fact that I was accepted to study at RBS showed me that dreams can come true, if you work constantly to fulfill them, which still motivates me to start climbing this mountain. This achievement is just a first step towards the distant peak and my desire to support my family, who is going through a difficult period due to my father's health problems, as I was supported in the sport that I practised. Rotterdam Business School is student-centered, based on personal needs and individual learning style, which is why I will have the opportunity to follow my own learning path.

The door that opens now helps me to follow one of the best international business programs, which also involves applying for an internship in Europe or Asia in the 3rd year of study, at an international company. This experience will help me understand different cultures and, more importantly, I use all this experience to materialise my dream and open a business school in Romania. In my opinion, the biggest flaw of the Romanian education system is the total lack of financial education in our curriculum.

I plan to work every summer to be able to contribute to tuition fees and maintenance costs so that I can continue my ascent. But the financial investment is much more than what my parents can offer me and what I can gain on my own. For medical reasons, my father is unemployed, and I can only cover part of the accommodation expenses. Therefore, I call on your help to raise the amount of 50,000 lei (which covers part of the accommodation and daily living expenses) so that I can be the change I want to see in the world and be able to build one of the best business schools in the world in Romania and, moreover, to be able to introduce financial education since high school.

Thank you!