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Luca Onică

Luca Onică

Luca is now studying at Jacobs University Bremen, thanks to your support. Find out here Luca's first impressions of his university experience.

Luca OnicăGood evening my dears!

Here I am in the tenth week of study at Jacobs University, Bremen!

I don't know when all these weeks have passed but I know that every day was special.

I tell you this:
"I'm not at school! I'm in a learning camp!”

This means that every day I enjoy everything I am offered: study hours, quality time with new friends, quality time with teachers and again new areas to explore and learn.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are three very intense days, with three daily study blocks: economics, academic writing and German. On Thursday I study political science and international relations and on Friday philosophy and diplomacy. On Thursday, I planned to have an extra circle of work with my colleagues.

There's a lot to learn - and here I mean volume - but I really can't say I'm overwhelmed.

I got hired and I'm glad! I'm on the event coordination team. I am paid 10 euros per hour and I found out that from November 1 the salary increases to 11.13 euros per hour. It's great what I'm doing but it would definitely be good for me to have more events so I can accumulate more hours! They work about 20 hours a month.

I expected to get a second job and although I send CVs every day, I haven't been co-opted into another team so far. That doesn't stop me from persevering!

You should know that I have become "Author of the Romanian Matrix" - an online cultural magazine and I have already published 2 letters from Bremen!

You should also know that I am friends with everyone! Literally with everyone! I feel like a fish in the water in this international environment! There are over 110 nationalities present in Jacobs and I am proud to be one of the 9 Romanians here!

Thank you for helping me with the health insurance! It is very important! I also used the first installment because I injured my back during a sports show I got involved in (it turned out very well!).

The food is good BUT NOT LIKE AT HOME! It is pretty bland. But it's healthy. Sometimes I need a supplement and I see that I will need an extra amount for fruits, in particular.

I try to be VERY good-natured and here the education I received at home helps me.

I spent a small amount on transportation to the Netherlands and on museum tickets because I received a scholarship to a Paleologu House course that ran an intensive cultural and philosophical education course in The Hague, Amsterdam, Leiden. It was fascinating! I could not feel my feet but I would not have left this oasis of learning. I did not allow myself absolutely ALL the museums but I was able to enter the vast majority, to my joy!

Thank you so much for doing everything you do and for feeling close to you! Thank you!

Good thought!